10 Questions with TBG Member: Eleanna Giannopoulou of Foodaki.gr

A great interview from a lovely friend who’s turned her life to be guided by her artistic side much like me. She’s from Greece and I met her while studying in Glasgow. She’s now in the pursuit of her passions!

Travel Bloggers Greece

prof_originalI was born in Athens in a family of the Greek diaspora. Only my mother and I were born in Greece in general and Athens in particular, for some generations. My father is of Greek origin but both he and his parents (and some grandparents) were born in Romania. They were part of the Greek community there until after the Second World War, when the emigrated to New Zealand. On my mother’s side, my grandfather was born in Istanbul, in the old aristocratic Greek neighborhood of Fanari, his family having been there since, well, forever. My grandmother was born in Odessa, Ukraine, to a Greek (Cretan) mother and Russian father (from Moscow). This lovely cultural and ethnic mix resulted in my growing up speaking several languages simultaneously. It was fun.

I loved cooking, photography and painting since I was a child. But instead of going to Art School, I decided…

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