Can you write comedy?

The best moments when I read a book is when I find myself laughing due to the author’s wit and good sense of humor. As I hear my laugh echoing through the room where I read, without any apparent reason, I feel lucky to be enjoying something “secret” or “hidden” that people around me in public spaces won’t probably never get to know. I get to enjoy characters only to myself which (in a selfish manner) I don’t get to share with those around me. Those are the times when I mostly appreciate good humour in Literature, either intended or not.


After enjoying these moments, I find myself wanting to write as these authors. I want people to enjoy my stories as I do when I read others. But then I ask myself, could I ever write a comedy? It’s hard enough to come up with one witty remark, never mind the entire length of a comedy-based novel. I’m pretty sure those who achieve writing in the “comedy” genre can be named genius. Maybe some writers are born to write in this genre. Maybe only people like comedians are the ones who should answer this call.


No more than a week ago, I started my first “comedy genre” book. For those curious about the title, I’m reading Timur Vermes “Look who’s back” which had a book cover that promised to deliver “a comedy of all sorts”,”clever, funny,” book and so on. Please, don’t go into questioning my book selection. I know the book has become controversial, so I won’t go into discussing why I’m reading this book. Just let me tell you, that I’m reading it with an open mind and in the effort to understand more about this literature genre . But as far as I gotten into the book (one-third of its lenght ), I haven’t laughed much. Is it because I don’t understand the book’s sense of humour? Maybe the fun style has been lost in translation (the book has been translated from German) But if this is not the case, and if different people react different to diverse styles of comedy, then how can you write a fun, clever book that appeals to a vast majority? Is there a secret, hidden recipe somewhere to tackle all funny bones in the whole population?


If it weren’t possible , the comedy genre wouldn’t prevail. I don’t believe there’s a successful formula. But I might have detected one possible self-barrier. Whenever I come up with a funny remark while writing, I usually erase it almost immediately, afraid it will sound stupid or even insulting to some people. Without noticing, an internal judging voice makes me consider any funny statement. And I bet most writers face this challenge. Writing comedy is for the brave, for the ones that laugh at life, at oneself, and don’t care much about criticism . They don’t care if people don’t laugh; they are aware not all of them will do. But they still go out there.
By not laughing at Vermes’ book, does it make me a different person to please? Does that make me a writer with more difficulties to write comedy?

Lastly, I would like to leave you with Chris O’Dowd’s quote:


And you, how do you go about writing funny remarks or comedy?


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6 thoughts on “Can you write comedy?

  1. I think I laugh more at myself than anything. And many times, when I think something is funny, others are staring at me with a “funny” look on their faces. Humor is in the ears of the beholder?? Let me know when you figure it out.


  2. I don’t think I’d even attempt writing comedy, let alone thinking I could succeed. What little bit of humor I have in me is often sarcastic and dry. My brother, though, is quick-witted. If he liked to write, which I doubt that he does seeing he started a blog four months ago that had a measly two entries in it, he would be successful.


    1. Yeah, my sense of humour is also kind of sarcastic (I believe that’s why I understand more the British sense humour than others). That’s why I keep asking if I used “my sense of humour” to write would other people like it? Probably, not all of them.


  3. I don’t think I’m good at writing comedy. Being a life writer, though, if I write about something funny that happened, it usually makes me laugh – hehe.


    1. Yeah, I usually laugh at my own “silly” story ideas when I write. But when my editor brain takes in, I end up with seriousness all over. Thanks for stopping!


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