10 things you should know about loners

  1. We don´t care what people say
  2. We are tired of listening to people saying: “you should meet/date somebody …”
  3. We are masters of our own destiny since we are alone we don’t need to consult/ask for anybody’s opinion.
  4. We have plenty energy to do whatever dream/goal that comes to our mind without having to ask the other…
  5. Maybe it is our purpose in life, maybe we are other type of generation with other ideals…
  6. It is better to be on our own than have bad company
  7. We don’t understand conflicts between couples, so much drama for our kind… better avoid the trouble
  8. Being loners doesn’t mean we don’t have friends, they are everywhere and sometimes we perceive some healthy envy from them….
  9. We have extra time to do everything that we want…
  10. We are happy the way we are….
  11. tofu verde
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