I’m doing because I’m a chicken

Well, this time I’ve been lost like for ages, more than 2 or 3 weeks without blogging. Never have I missed blogging so much. But I have good reasons, but not new reasons (for those who’ve already read my posts), it was because of my manuscript (final revision, this time is the final one). It wasContinue reading “I’m doing because I’m a chicken”

Receiving feedback from your manuscript is not terrifying is confusing!

You would think that receiving feedback from your manuscript can be scary, discouraging, etc. But I’ve concluded that in my case, it was only confusing. How do you filter the good advice from the bad one? From the four people I asked to read my manuscript, I got feedback from two. We´ll call them reviewerContinue reading “Receiving feedback from your manuscript is not terrifying is confusing!”