Mad Max: Fury Road = Badass movie

Well, I must be totally honest and admit that I really don´t remember much about the other Mad Max movies, the ones with Mel Gibson. I have a recollection of watching them when I was a kid, I remember Mel Gibson being in it, lots of cars running everywhere, particularly strange people, and sand, but that´s it. However, when I saw the trailer of this new remake, I was “Oh men I really have to see this one.” Mad Max Fury Road

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Living in a city where there are not many options for movies and movie theaters in general, there was only one other big movie (release) going around, the last installment of the Avengers. I was not very drawn into the latter, for some reason, the idea that Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain American co-exist at the same time, puts me off. It´s like having Spiderman fighting next to Frodo, they just don´t fit together, well at least that´s my take on it. I love big action packed movies, but I have to admit that sometimes too much constant action, like fighting or shooting for several minutes, gets me bored, and in a feeling of needing something else. Mad Max redeemed the entire action genre; it was full action from the beginning till the end, but created in such a manner that I never got bored, not even for a single second. I´m not sure if it was drown into the anarchy of this surreal post-apocalyptic world, the contrast between beauty and the blatant repulsiveness of some characters, or watching Charlize Theron play the amputated heroin with grease on her face, but the total impact of the movie was mind-blowing. Each detail and scene were just so freaking bizarre and disturbing that it only made the movie even more interesting. Mad Max Fury Road download (1)

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Now Tom Hardy (who´s totally hot, I know I know… but I couldn’t help mentioning it) plays the main character: Max; Continue reading “Mad Max: Fury Road = Badass movie”

Writing fan fiction? cheer up!

I have a feeling that fan fiction writing will never be taken seriously. I have a confession to make, I used to write fan fiction some time ago. And even though, I’m not looking forward to pursue that path (that doesn’t mean that I won’t do it again), I will always be very fond of it.

How did I start writing fan fiction? 

I’m a big nerd (proud to admit it 🙂 ) and the type of geek girl who is always into movies and series fandom. So many years ago, I discovered the world of fan fiction; where fans could read stories of their favorite movie/TV characters in other environments, situations, episode endings, etc. In few words, what fans didn’t get to see on the screen, or what they thought could had happened, was written into many types of fan fiction stories; some of them really imaginative, twisted, and of course with all types of adult censorships.

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So when I discovered this world, I got into it very deeply. I would first read dozens of them per day everywhere all the time. I got obsessed with it. But there were few stories that I actually liked. It was as if I was looking for the right story; the one that explained how exactly I thought TV character X did Y in episode Z. Rarely seldom, I found satisfying stories. Let’s accept it, every mind is different. Some fans were too much into certain aspects that I didn’t consider important, and others were just, let’s just say weird…

So how did I got into writing them? Well, since I couldn’t find the stories that actually gave me a feeling of “closure”, Continue reading “Writing fan fiction? cheer up!”

How to overcome the idea that the movie is not what the book was!

So I have guilty pleasures, and some are related to a couple of YA books out there. You see I’m a slow reader, but with the Divergent series, I broke my reading time records (like just a couple of days for each one). I’m not going to talk about if the book is good, if the writing is good, etc. Nope, this post is not about that. It’s just how much readers get their hopes in when they have a visual representation, a movie, of their favorite stories.

Why do we care?

Because when we read a story, we imagine the characters, the settings, and the whole story in our heads. So when we hear that a movie will be “based” on it, we get excited hoping to find that everything we pictured in our heads as we read the book will be consciously represented on the screen.

movies are not like books

Why is not always like that?

Because we can’t fit all the details in less than 2 hours. And because, movies are different from books. Most movies are there for entertaining purposes or for stimulating our visual senses. We can’t get ten pages of character’s emotional inner struggle in a movie.  If you take movies like me, that they exist for entertainment purposes and not for lulling you into sleep, then you get this point.

Should we demand movie producers respect the book storyline?

No, it’s only “based on”. Film studios have no obligation to remain loyal to the author’s story. And they have their own scriptwriters who know what works best in a movie and what doesn’t.

movies are like not books

And what about Insurgent? (the second installment of the Divergent series, in case you’re not familiar with it)

It’s a freaking good movie. If you didn’t read the book, the better for you; you’ll be able to assess the movie entirely from its entertaining potential. If you read it, stop comparing it to the book. The book was a story written by Veronica Roth, and it ends up there, in the papers of the book and if the picture you made up in your mind. The movie is another thing.

Was I aware of this perspective when I went to see the movie?

Of course not! I was the person who in Divergent nagged my companion all the time telling her: “in the book it was not like that… in the book…. ” Oh, poor her….

In the second one, I had the same inner struggle, but this time I kept it to myself, or my friend would have killed me. But this time when the movie ended, and I forced myself to forget the book, I found out that the movie was actually very well developed and very well told. Very entertaining.  I even found myself wishing some scenes would have been added to the book (don’t tell Veronica Roth 🙂 )

It’s one thing to love books and to love the stories and wish we could see the exact visual representations on the big screen, but let’s face it, it’s not going to happen. The magic of books will always remain on their pages and the skills we use to dive into the story. The power we have to imagine those words. That’s the beauty of books. We don’t need to have forced flat representations on screen. Movies are a different type of art, a visual art. Let’s stop trying to match them and keep the books and their wonderful stories to us.

And you, do you ever find yourself wishing the movie was exactly the same as the book? Do you easily get disappointed when you find that it’s not what you imagined from the book? Other movies/books that you can think of where you found this difference or rather a quite accurate resemblance between the two?