International Women’s Day

Everywhere you hear about how Women don’t have the same opportunities as men. And although there might be some truth in this and there is a lot still to fight in terms of wages equality and cultural biases,  I believe that “determination” is what makes an individual (regarding of Gender) successful or not. I wanted toContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

Book review: Lee Child’s Make me – Jack Reacher in paper

This was my first Child novel. I’ve already seen some movies based on Child’s famous character but never got the chance to read one of the books. It was one of those authors I wanted to have a taste on, mostly because of his worldwide popularity and because his bookcovers were screaming “take me” fromContinue reading “Book review: Lee Child’s Make me – Jack Reacher in paper”

Delivering Happiness

Well, it took me some time to write this post. I was kind of busy preparing my exit at my current job and readying for my new job. I will start in November working as Happiness Engineer for Automattic (the company behind and many other web solutions that seek to make the web aContinue reading “Delivering Happiness”

When you land the job of your dreams…

Wow, only writing this title was an amazing experience. All writers must work, there’s no doubt about that (unless you land a big publishing contract that could only come after decades of experience 🙂 ) But wouldn’t it be great to make your writing journey while you have one of the best jobs ever? I’m stillContinue reading “When you land the job of your dreams…”