February is for slowing down…

So February arrived, and I believe January has been one of the longest months ever! I started 2015 really well, with my goals set in mind all the time. I feel they are already so engraved in me right now, that it would take the end of the world to drag me away from them,Continue reading “February is for slowing down…”

Why I decided not to do a resolutions list for 2015

I used to do a resolutions list every single 31st of December of every year. It always felt as if the beginning of the new year would bring the new opportunities, the new hopes, for the life of my dreams. My resolutions list for 2014 was different. It was not focused in the common wishes like losingContinue reading “Why I decided not to do a resolutions list for 2015”

Struggling with a place where people don’t use Twitter…

So the book I’m reading of how to build an author platform informs me that I should use Twitter, yep that very popular social network that works everywhere but in Bolivia, and I don’t mean that you can access the site here, but that people just don’t get it and hence don’t use it. ManyContinue reading “Struggling with a place where people don’t use Twitter…”

10 reasons why loners should travel

They can choose where they always wanted to go without consulting somebody else… Hotels and other preferences depend only on the traveller …If you want to spend on a fancy hotel with all the commodities you always like it’s your money and nobody else can persuade you from the contrary. On the other hand, ifContinue reading “10 reasons why loners should travel”