Editing/Revision is done! I’m back and have learned very good lessons!

Well, it´s been more than a couple of weeks since I haven´t written a post, and I was really looking forward to do it. Do you remember I was stuck trying to finish the editing of my book? Well, these weeks have been plain hard work, not much sleep, zero weekends, zero days off, untilContinue reading “Editing/Revision is done! I’m back and have learned very good lessons!”

Energy level while editing your work

Editing can exhaust you. I’m still on the editing stage of my writing and I found it hard, really hard. I find myself wishing I could only write, write, and write as many stories as possible… and have somebody else do all the editing stuff. Of course, this poor being, the “editing person” wouldn’t understandContinue reading “Energy level while editing your work”