How many are out there that write? I thought almost everybody did it!!!

So I ended up taking a course in “Literature and photography”. I love reading and writing, therefore, the literature part, but the photography part came with the idea that I consider myself a very visual person. That´s why I love Pinterest!

I had been to a previous class, and it was interesting enough, with me making a list of books that I should read most than anything. The 90% of the public that attends those courses in my city, are usually people who are studying either literature or journalism, so classes are at a very high level, and I feel myself a little bit intimidated by the knowledge that simply “flows” in these courses. The lecturer would usually say: “well of course you have read X and know that….” and I would feel embarrassed for not having a clue about X and would write it down in my notebook without anybody noticing… well I want to pretend I have read X as well!!! 😀 . The public would assent to the obvious question about reading X, mocking with their expressions those who have not read X. Well you see my point right? But at the end, I didn´t care that much´. I would just add them to my list and remember the things that I know as Industrial Engineer and as a Technical writer in a software development company they wouldn´t even know about. What! they don´t know the basics of SQL Server instances? 😀

Anyway, being surrounded by this highly intellectual group made me assume that most of them were into “producing” like the lecturer asked yesterday: “How many of you produce? paint, photography, writing?”. Of a bunch of 50 people, 5 rose their hands, I did of course. She added “How many of you write? anything diaries, stories, books, blogs?”. I was the only one.

I felt special. These people were very knowledgeable of the great writers and philosophers of the world, they could quote them without problems but none of them wrote?. If there was any doubt of what the hell I was doing in those courses, now there wasn´t, I was in the right place. As a result, the lecturer took the opportunity to address many of the topics to me. Many of the questions she raised would be finished with something like “this could be very helpful when you write, ask yourself the same question, it will help you” and I would feel proud.

Writing for me is a necessity, even If I don´t do it very well, even if I still struggle with English, since it is not my native language. It is something that I feel obliged to spend time with.

For some reason,  I thought that there were many people out there with the same necessity, maybe they are, but they just avoid it or don´t pay too much attention to it. Gladly I don´t and feel very proud of saying that “I produce”.