Writing helps me to be sane…

This is a continuation from my last post (Once I forgot the typewriter, I forgot how to live) and final part (I promise): From those writing experiences and my relationship with my typewriter in my child years. I sadly left the writing world, and forgot about my dreams. Many years later, I started to payContinue reading “Writing helps me to be sane…”

Once I forgot the typewriter I forgot how to live…

(This is a continuation of the previous post: How to make your kid an avid reader/writer) I still remember when I was little, no computer yet in my house (I got my first computer when I started University) but we used to have a typewriter (well, we still do, it´s there forgotten somewhere in aContinue reading “Once I forgot the typewriter I forgot how to live…”

Writing for a reason

Writing is about unveiling yourself. It is about taking out all the layers that surround you. A true writer digs into his heart and exposes everything. He leaves himself vulnerable. The richness of words only come from honesty. Characters come from the most enchanted places and they are nurtured by the writer´s believes, hopes, andContinue reading “Writing for a reason”

Sudden stop and readjustment

Well, yesterday was one of the strangest days of my life. It was a regular Sunday with nothing to do, no many chores at home, not many responsibilities but it was different as well since I also had a Baby shower to attend to. I´m not very social so I usually don´t have many socialContinue reading “Sudden stop and readjustment”

How many are out there that write? I thought almost everybody did it!!!

So I ended up taking a course in “Literature and photography”. I love reading and writing, therefore, the literature part, but the photography part came with the idea that I consider myself a very visual person. That´s why I love Pinterest! I had been to a previous class, and it was interesting enough, with meContinue reading “How many are out there that write? I thought almost everybody did it!!!”