The Word Press Family Award

Thanks to Christian of Five Quick Minutes for sharing this Award with me, it´s an honor and I´m very proud to display this Award Logo with all the people following my humble posts who have been very supportive!


I´ve just started this blog a month ago and I´ve already found a community of very nice bloggers/friends who think and believe like me, which has been very supportive. 

As the rules say, I´m very glad to nominate the following blogs from people that are regular followers of my blog and whose blogs I can´t wait to read: 


Playing your hand right

I won´t take it

James Oliver Development

JT Weaver


You by my side

Paula´s Pontifications



I recommend you go into all these links and read they wonderful blogs. 

And thanks again Christian from Five Quick Minutes for such joyful news!




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Writer, blogger, traveler, mindful of a spiritual path (or at least trying to). I'm also a Happiness Engineer and support people building their websites.

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