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I actually had more trouble this time to come up with a topic for a post this week. I’ve been kind of absorbed and focused with my “virtual store” entrepreneurship, for those who have read my previous blog where I commented a little bit of a personal business…

Anyway, I´ve been bombarded with emails and webinars on how to make profits from your blog and how to attract thousands of followers to it, by curiosity I read a couple of them and actually attended to one good webinar. It all seemed great, but today while I was trying to come up with an idea for a post for this week, I actually realized that, besides “how to make your blog profitable”, most of the people who write blogs, do it because “they love to write”; they love to tell their stories, they love to tell their experiences, their thoughts, their advices.  The true bloggers actually feel like this and they seek to know other bloggers, read their blogs, share their thoughts, and comment on their posts, because at the end, we love the idea of sharing with others, advising others, feeling like we know those bloggers in some way, and feeling like maybe we have gained some friends out there.

Most of the blogs I follow, I do, because I love how they write, and I am very interested in what they have to say. I love to give advice when I can, and I feel excited when they take into account that advice.

So where is the money in it? I’m not saying that making money from blogs is wrong, but if there is no sentiment in your blog or in your blogging life style, then it’s just an empty URL full of ads and traps for getting money from people. There has to be something more than just profits… So for all these webinars and emails that I have received, you missed the “passion and sentiment of writing blogs” section, that first! and then you could think of income opportunities… but you can´t miss the first part!



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And for the loners out there like me, this is more important, do blogging because you like it and because you feel a connection with your followers. There is nothing more joyful than sharing ideas and thoughts with our “virtual friends”… It keeps us centered and energized to follow our goals, and in some way a sense of belongness (I made up that word 🙂 )



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