What you should know before 2013 ends…

So here I am, approaching 2014, and believe it or not, I´ve never been more excited to start a new year. Usually, I would feel a little bit sad for the year almost gone, and I would wonder why it has gone so fast and if I took good advantage of that year, but now I don´t care, I really want 2014 to start!  And I still think this has been a good year, productive and full of good achievements. But I feel like the results of 2013 will still be shown in 2014, so that´s what I´m so excited about.

This has been one of weirdest years; I have lost touch with many people and for some reason my closest friends have become distant.  But believe it or not, it has been good for me, because this sort of loneliness has made me realize lots of things, from the things I want to do with my life and what sort of person I want to be. Maybe the people who were surrounding me were pulling me back in some way. I now believe I have to find other people, with similar hopes, dreams and pursuits in life, so that they will drag me with them in their journey. I haven´t found anybody yet, so maybe that´s why I chose to start this happy loner blog, but I believe I will find them eventually. On the meantime, the social networks are a good place to find people who are on the same train as you.



Image source: http://www.pradasims.com

So what do I want to achieve in 2014? Happiness.  As simple as that? Yes, and what is happiness then? Happiness is just living everyday with love, enthusiasm and hope. There is no recipe for this, nothing assures you that if you win 1 billion dollars, or if you marry, or if you have a kid, you will reach happiness. Happiness is just there, in the everyday living.  I believe that all of us are here on this earth with a great purpose on our shoulders. I don´t believe in simple lives, we must make sure; we make ours as exciting and risk-taking as possible. Risks are really good and a bit of craziness as well.  And when I mean craziness, I´m not talking about mental illnesses, I´m talking about those little moments in our daily routines, when we feel free, when we decide sing high aloud a song while driving, when we decide to dance in the shower, or just when we decide to take classes of Bulgarian, learn to play the trombone, or decide to travel to Indonesia.  Happiness is just beside us, we just need to make it part of our lives! Happy holidays for everybody and the happiest 2014 ever!

Published by Carla Doria

Writer, blogger, traveler, mindful of a spiritual path (or at least trying to). I'm also a Happiness Engineer and support people building their websites.

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