What’s not to love in this year!

Third day of 2014 and I already love this year! At first I was thinking, maybe I was just lucky, but then when I look to the day before, I realize that today´s outcomes are only the result of yesterday´s effort.

You see, like almost all other past years I made a list of resolutions. Buy my resolutions were so empty hearted or so superficial, like losing weight, eating healthy which are good actually good resolutions in themselves, but were not really my main ambitions in my life. This year´s resolution list was a little bit different, and I got inspired by a friend in this subject. Instead of writing the resolutions in my notebook or in a piece of paper that I would put in a drawer of my night table or somewhere I would not remember later,  I did it “big” this time.


Image source: http://www.health.com

You see, I was always a little bit embarrassed of having this piece of paper in sight for everybody, and most of this embarrassment was because the resolutions were not that awesome to be widely public. I didn´t want everybody to know that I just wanted to lose weight or go to the gym; it just felt so trivial and superficial in some ways. But 2013 taught me what I really wanted to do with my life.

When my friend told me that she just read the resolutions she made last year and she realized that she almost fulfilled most of them, she felt like 2013 had been a complete success. I immediately thought that my problem was not in assessing 2013, which had been a pretty good year, but it was in comparing my last year resolutions with my status today; merely because of a simple reason: I didn´t know where the piece of paper I wrote last year was anymore and even more lame, I didn´t know what was written there anymore… probably something about diet, gym… in few words BS…


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So this year, I sat down the 31st of December, I wouldn´t let the 1st of January come without having this settled down. I clearly wrote down my goals, very specific ones for my dreams and the sort of life I want to have, on a piece of cardboard and glued it to the most visible place in my room. You see I would never do this in my room, you know I´m all about decoration and my room is proudly one of the most beautiful rooms that exist in the world, yes! I feel very proud about that… (I will post some pictures later… I promise). I also assigned every day of the week for a specific purpose, like today for example is “Friday Blog Day”.

I never started a year like this one before, I feel so determined, well driven, and I constantly smile whenever I remember that this is 2014, my year! This is the first year ever that I haven´t made a  mistake when writing down my first year date; you know how you tend to make mistakes the first days of the year and you still write last year ‘year? Well not this time! because I´m completely conscious of this year.

On the third year, I´ve already got very good results for one of my goals for this year, So 2014 you are about to witness my success!!!


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