Time is so slow that is driving me crazy!!!

Seriously, how slow can days pass when you are so excited for a date to arrive? Well for those who have read previous posts, you may have known that I´ve been planning a trip for almost 6 months. There was also the time when I had to wait for the UK visa decision, which kept me biting my nails and having nightmares, but luckily it came with a very positive outcome.

When the good news from the visa came, I remember being very happy but at the same time wishing it was already time to travel. So now, it´s more or less six weeks to go before I can actually do this trip, a dreamed trip for a long time that is finally going to be accomplished. But these waiting days are driving me crazy, it seems that they pass too slowly, and whenever I start counting the days I feel quite desperate.



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This situation made me think of people complaining about time passing too fast, but for me right now is quite the opposite… too slow!. Maybe it is because I´m afraid that bad things could come out from one moment to the other and ruin the traveling plans (very improbable but you never know) so I just want to reach the date and be 100% sure that the trip will be real.

So what happens when you suddenly feel that time is too slow? You realize that it´s actually always like that; it is just a matter of perspective. These weeks for example, since we got the visa decision, have been so slow that I´ve never noticed that by being so acutely aware of time I could actually fill it with lots of activities, and guess what? There is actually time for everything.

So maybe it´s good to have this perspective, of time going so slow, but in order to do that you have to be able to focus on goals and deadlines and get excited by them, like I think is what happened in my case, my trip being the goal and having a deadline for starting the trip. So I think I could take this as a lesson, maybe after the trip is gone, I may need to think of another very tangible goal and deadline and get excited about it, so I can start counting the days again and feeling that time passes slow and that many things can be fulfilled on the way. I hope I make good use of this new learning. And you what do you think of this new time perspective?


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