The trip is gone and now the rest of my life!

Well, the trip is gone and I´m suddenly back to my usual activities at my work. I can´t believe this is over, we had amazing days with my mother and I´m happy that she´s been really happy. A true experience that we won´t forget for ages but it was also worthy for the many lessons I learned. The trip, meaning exactly air flights and connections and trains were so long and tiring, that made me think of the sacrifice that a trip enclosures in itself and although it is something that I adore, it is nothing that I could do permanently and regularly. So many hotels and airports makes you long for arriving safe at home. Lifestyle is so different and difficult abroad that it made me change my mind about living for long periods of time abroad or permanently. I focused a lot of energy for several months on this trip, and almost everything went well, with exception of some lost flight connections and exhaustion at the end of every day. Maybe it was too much on so many few days? Or maybe I have not contemplated the “hard” part of travelling? It´s not easy, not at all. It´s beautiful and the experiences are unforgettable but I won´t forget the “hard part”.

Now time to concentrate on the rest of my life, I have concentrated too much on travelling and dreaming about going to places, and those trips will come later with patience, not so desperately now.  I have “my project” which needs a lot of attention. It´s good that I have gone through this.


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