Guest Post: Juni Desireé – fellow blogger and writer

When you enter the blogging world, not only you start communicating with the people that follow your blog, but also you start following other blogs you start connecting with. In my blogger journey I had the chance to meet many wonderful people whose blogs I love to read, one of those persons is Juni Desireé, a wonderful blogger and writer who has always struck me with her honest words and her openness to the world. She writes from her heart and she’s very passionate for everything she sets her mind into. I totally recommend following her blogs and checking out this interview for her future projects.
Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Juni Desireé (aka JD). My blog is called JD on a Page ( It’s a blog where I share my stories and the lessons I learn, in the hope that it offers something good to people. I also have a writing blog called Write to Wrestle (
I’m currently studying a Master of Writing and Literature and I’m working on a book about what I’ve learnt this year when I moved from Victoria to Queensland.
I love dogs! Everyone should have a dog; they make life better. And my favourite food is fish and chips with tartare sauce.
How did you start writing?
My first memory of writing is when I was in my first year of primary school. We had to write a diary each week. I loved it and have been writing ever since. I started journal writing when I was eleven when my mum bought me a journal.
What projects do you have in mind? Maybe you could talk a little bit about the “Words Like Silk” project
I have a dream to be a full time writer, to teach writing courses, and facilitate writing retreats and competitions. I’m in the process of starting a writing and publishing company called Words Like Silk. I also dream of opening a bookshop that will be a reading and writing haven where people can read, write and talk about these things to their heart’s content.
What’s your ideal place for writing?
I usually just write at home but I do enjoy going to cafés and finding a rock at the beach to write on in the sun.
How do you get inspired? 
I’m inspired by so many things! All of life is material for writing. I’m inspired by books, movies and music. I’m inspired by people and experiences. I’m inspired by dreams and conversations. Most of all I’m inspired by people being themselves and sharing their stories.
Do you have some weird ritual or process you do whenever you start writing or are in the writing mood?
I don’t have a ritual or process. I write whenever I’m stressed or my head is so full of swirling thoughts. And I write whenever I feel like it, which is a lot! I’m always writing.
Anything else you would like to share

I think writing is such a great tool. It’s therapeutic and helps you to reflect and learn. But it’s also a gift for others. It can comfort, encourage, inspire, challenge, teach and uplift people. I want to change the world through writing.



Don’t forget to check out Juni’s blogs:

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