I’m doing because I’m a chicken

Well, this time I’ve been lost like for ages, more than 2 or 3 weeks without blogging. Never have I missed blogging so much. But I have good reasons, but not new reasons (for those who’ve already read my posts), it was because of my manuscript (final revision, this time is the final one). It was taking me too much time and I want it to be over for once. The person who’s editing it is already working on the second part. So that means that yes, in a couple more of days, I will have to go back to it again to go through the revisions done by the editor. But I’m not worried, I’ve managed to review the changes of the first part in just one day, so the second part is not going to take me much (hope so). Well, enough talking about editing. I plan to do another post for that (some new lessons learned as always). I’m here to talk about exciting news. I’m attending Writer’s Digest Conference in NY this July 31st. Yayyyy!!!  (insert dancing icons here) download (5) No, I don’t live in the US. No, I don’t have loads of money to go everywhere I please. I just thought that it would be a good Life investment and of course good vacations. And here are some of the plans/goals/realizations I have in mind for this trip: – I’m not doing it because I consider myself a great writer. I’m doing it because I’m a new aspiring writer and this step will allow me to compromise myself with this career. No, It won’t be a hobby anymore. – I’m doing it because of the talks and workshops. I know this conference is also about getting to know agents, publishers, etc. But sometimes, I believe that maybe I’m not ready for that yet. So I don’t have great expectations on that side. I’m doing it because of the two full days of talks, sessions, workshops, etc. I’m eager to learn as much as possible and absorb everything sponge-like. www wisegeek com

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– I’m doing because I’m a chicken. Yes, you read that, and not because I consider myself an animal (or I believe the chicken is my spirit animal), but because I’m a coward for these sort of public events. You see, I’m not the most extrovert person you’ve ever known. I’m shy and I feel akward at these gatherings. And there’s a session for pitching agents in this conference where you’re supposed to dazzle them with the magnificent plot of your book. Believe me, I actually considered skipping this part of the conference (which had an extra fee) because I knew I was going to be a complete disaster. I imagined myself trembling, sweating, stuttering, and even running away. And I’m also worried about my English speaking skills, which because of nervousness, seem to flee (that’s why I prefer to write ;)) I get nervous, stumble among words, and forget parts of the language. But I refuse to be a chicken forever, so this is going to be a challenge. I know I have to do it, I have to be brave!

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I’m doing it because I’m on vacations. Like I told you, I don’t have loads of money to spend on each conference I choose, as you know, I’m on the other end of the world (Bolivia to be more precise). But I still wanted to go somewhere for vacations (Holidays! the british background will always survive!) and even if things don’t go well in the conference, even if I realize I’m completely lost and I should’ve gone with more writing experience, I still have some vacation days to tour around NY and Washington DC, Hurray! www cliparthut com

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I’m doing it because I’m impulsive and I live Carpe Diem wise! I’m going to be bankrupt after these holidays (yes, I like this word better than vacations!, sorry american readers) but I believe in living my life this way and doing everything I can while I still can (who says what’s going to happen later? maybe, I won’t ever had the chance to go to a writers conference; many things could happen, and I could always regret it). And you, do you think I’m being too impulsive? I would love to hear your comments and personal anecdotes of impulsive decisions 🙂 www carpediemfordiane org

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5 thoughts on “I’m doing because I’m a chicken

  1. Carla, yes, you’re being impulsive. Good for you! Most people miss out on so much because of fears. They’ll say the fears paralyze them but they don’t really. They just refuse to imagine pushing the envelop (it’s a cliché – look it up). With all this said though, try to book a hotel room where many of the other writers will have their sleeping accommodations. Even though New York City has cleaned up their act, there are still the bad elements there. Only trust the other writers going to the conference. This way, you’ll be safer in this crazy country of mine.

    BTW, I like the word, holiday, better too. 😛

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  2. It seems you have really thought this through and are making some great choices for yourself. Congratulations on pushing through your chicken phase. You’ll be glad you did! And congratulations, also, on your manuscript!

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