Editing services, why you need to love them! and the theory of the Leprechaun that lives in our heads.

Writers are strange creatures, stranger than you think. And the wannabe ones, like me, are even worst (For example, I just passed some work colleagues in the corridor and forgot to say “hello” why? ’cause I was thinking about some feedback I received from a query letter) They know I’m weird, but I didn’t intend to be impolite… sigh… I guess I must learn to detach from the fiction world and improve my social skills. (now you have a hint of why I have “loner” in the name of my blog)
But anyway, no more self analysis, and let’s go straight to the objective of this post: why you have to love editing services.

– Because writers are strange creatures (and back again to the first paragraph). We believe that when we write and we review like a thousand times, there’s no way we’re going to let a typo/grammar mistake slip away. After all, we’ve reviewed like ten times, we read it aloud, we passed the spell checker, we reviewed it again, and we read it again. And we think, the sentence is perfect. But wrong, the editor returns it with red everywhere and a typo that makes you just want to cringe under the bed. And you believe, Oh my god, this is embarrassing. I’m supposed to know the basics of writing. The editor must think I’m five years old.

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But, yes, the dreaded “but” This is completely normal. I’ve learned to embrace Editing. We really need that set of extra eyes, you know why? because there’s a leprechaun that inhabits our brains and tells us our writing is perfect. (see? I told you, we’re strange creatures). That leprechaun is the result of writing our own world, our story, our characters and revising them continuously. We know our story too much. We know what happens; we even have memorized the dialogue. So the more we revise, the more we know everything by memory. And that leprechaun, living in our brains, practically recites the words in our heads when revising. We reach a point when we don’t see with real eyes our writing, but with the memorized words or flow we know by heart. That’s when we need those extra editing eyes. And I’m not talking about beta readers (who are also very helpful) but of professional editors; people who work in the field and have experience with the written world. (some beta readers may not have that experience).

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My editor, from AK Clarke Editing was superb. She managed to spot my mistakes and those strange words I was using without even noticing. She spotted the typos I’ve been skipping after reviewing a thousand times. Those ones that not even the grammar checkers were able to detect, simply because they’re not human beings, and of course don’t understand the context of the story.

So if you’re writing out there, do please, use a professional editor; even if you have a pHD in literature, journalism, or are an expert editor. You need somebody else, because a leprechaun will install in your head, and he will get comfy, each time more (I just got an idea for short story 🙂 )

And you, how good are you in spotting typos/mistakes? Do you think you can do it without professional advice?

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4 thoughts on “Editing services, why you need to love them! and the theory of the Leprechaun that lives in our heads.

  1. The leprechaun can be mischievous to no end, but I’m glad I’ve got mine. Without him, not only would my writing be boring ALL the time, instead of just most of the time, my life would be unbearably dreary.

    By the time I was on my third chapter of my first draft (still on my first draft), I’ve been window-shopping for an editor. I did have three possibles. Now, after peeking at the site of AK Clarke, I, now, have four.

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    1. Yeah, life is less boring with the leprechaun in our heads. But having an editor in mind is always the best. Before giving my manuscript to AK Clarke, I tried her work with a short story. I wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t invest too much money for something that I wouldn’t like. Maybe, this strategy can help you decide which editor suits you best. You can make them edit one short story, one chapter or something small first before deciding 😉
      Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. And I think there’s no editor that is 100% accurate, even mine missed some words. After all, they’re all human. That’s why beta readers are also important. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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