A Masquerade of Games

There are many self-help/improvement posts out there. I write a couple from time to time and read related posts whenever I have time. Mostly, they talk about the same life lessons and few actually catch my eye long enough to finish them. I believe that “layersofarose” did quite a good job with this one. With simple phrases we hear on an every day basis, the message stays true. I wanted to share it 🙂

Layers Of A Rose

“There is nothing more beautiful than desperation, and there’s nothing more risky then pretending not to care.”

That was a quote from an article I read once that really spoke to me. In the article, it discussed how it is important to live life straight forward, to tell people you need them, you want them, you love them. Because one day they could get hit by a bus, and wouldn’t it kill you knowing you never will get the chance to tell them how much you cared?

Everyone nowadays will tell you that it’s all about the “game” the “chase.”

“If you’re too available he won’t want you, if you’re not available enough he won’t want you.”

“Dude, don’t respond to her text and post a pic with another girl, she’ll want you more.”

“If he doesn’t respond to your text don’t you dare text him again until he does…

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