Brandon’s Code To Being A Good Writer

Brandon’s code of writing is magnificent. I wanted to share it here in my blog.

Coolerbs Writes

A list to remember, a list to remind. A list for those of us already here. And those still behind.

And I swear:

  • To help those who have just begun. To do what I can to create new writers.
  • To encourage potentials to write, and write strong. To find a new kind of joy in creation.
  • To criticize only to help, and never to tear others down with my words.
  • To respect the power my words have. And to use them to help this world, even if it’s by pointing out its flaws.
  • To call myself a writer. To own that title.
  • To never belittle what I gave up, what I fought for to become an artist.
  • To constantly seek improvement in my craft, and to seek new horizons.
  • To understand that by my very nature I am a dreamer and a storyteller.
  • To not lie to myself. To take…

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