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When I decided to self-publish my novel “The Last Families”, I knew there would be many things that I would have to handle myself. One of them was the book’s website. But what is a book’s website supposed to include? I was imagining the Cover, maybe the book’s synapsis and that was it. It would be a pretty simple website and I wasn’t sure how appealing it would be.

One of the things that I loved about fantasy stories is that you can find lots of fans’ illustrations online. I was thrilled by the idea and decided that I was going to work with a friend who happens to be an illustrator to get some visuals for not only the book’s website but also for future social media makerting. Otherwise, if I only had the cover as my single visual, that would not enough material to use when promoting the book.

Therefore, based on the very particular specifics of my characters (purple, red, green hair, etc.) Let me introduce you to my characters’ illustrations that I will add to my novel’s website, including some brief excerpts from the novel that describe them.

Ian: His short black hair with hard edges around his face made his expression tough. The man stepped down of his horse in one single jump. Small eyes framed a pointy nose, surrounded by very thin eyebrows. A huge, jagged scar drew a line down his throat. Ian wore fur boots and a coat, his attire’s color matching his skin tone.

Malakay: He was the tallest in the family, with shoulder-length hair, partially pulled back into a bun. He had little resemblance to his father; he had clearly inherited most of his mother’s traits. Malakay’s eyes were darker than usual. In some light, they even seemed black. Having acquired a certain tanned color, his skin wasn’t as white as the rest of his family.

Yarisha: The Verbaren family leader and the only mind-reader of her kind. According to Malakay, her blue eyes were appealing, and her red hair wasn’t as limp as the other Verbaren girls. She had soft curls that tangled with the wind, bringing some harmony to her face.

Mandely was probably in her late forties. She was mother to seven Ninfire children, and all had survived this trip. Mandely’s curly lilac hair differentiated her from her children. Her eyes were as big as two full moons. The purple in her eyes shone, making them look even bigger. Her apple-shaped face emphasized her cheeks.

Marquesh: The Drontas partriarch stepped in front of her field of vision. His silver-white hair contrasted with his black skin. A vest of white fur covered his big, muscled body. The Drontas’ talent was their physical strength.

Palista: The oldest woman and matriarch had the greenest eyes of the family, and it wasn’t a coincidence. The Kaptarish chose their leader based on the eyes’ brightness. It was said that the green color gave them the power to heat things up. Palista was the oldest person in the family and the oldest of all survivors reaching Gambir. Even though she was a grandmother of ten, she was still strong enough to lead her family.


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