The Last Families – The Cover Reveal

I finally have a cover for my first fantasy novel “The Last Families” and I’m extremely happy to reveal it:

Printed Version

Ebook version

The cliffs in the cover are inspired by the first opening paragraph of the “The Last Families”:

Blood climbed at least half a mile towards the sky. That was Yarisha’s first impression when she saw the crimson hue that covered the tallest cliffs she’d ever seen. The immense island above them resembled a piece of land floating on the water’s surface. Judging by the marks on the red cliffs, the water could have been higher once. Whatever mineral drenched the rocks, it painted them a deep red. This wasn’t the dreamiest place one would expect, but the families didn’t have anywhere else to go. Their own land had been destroyed.

The book launches soon in November. Subscribe to this blog to get more updates:


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