Image source: I actually had more trouble this time to come up with a topic for a post this week. I’ve been kind of absorbed and focused with my “virtual store” entrepreneurship, for those who have read my previous blog where I commented a little bit of a personal business… Anyway, I´ve been bombardedContinue reading “THE TRUTH OF A LONER THAT WRITES BLOGS…”

The reasons of being lonely….

Image source: The last posts I´ve been writing about inspirational and self-improvement topics, or at least that´s what I was trying to do, and I actually have managed to evade the “happy loner” topic for a time… I´ve always told myself what a happy loner I am , and I am, really, but sometimesContinue reading “The reasons of being lonely….”

How late is it to change paths?

Image source: Well I studied Industrial Engineering, did a Master degree on Environmental Studies, worked on a couple of companies in the production, planning and logistics area, did some consulting on Quality Management Systems, Good Manufacturing Practices, Industrial Safety. Before that, I worked in the Purchases department of another company, did some work onContinue reading “How late is it to change paths?”