Time is so slow that is driving me crazy!!!

Seriously, how slow can days pass when you are so excited for a date to arrive? Well for those who have read previous posts, you may have known that I´ve been planning a trip for almost 6 months. There was also the time when I had to wait for the UK visa decision, which keptContinue reading “Time is so slow that is driving me crazy!!!”

What’s not to love in this year!

Third day of 2014 and I already love this year! At first I was thinking, maybe I was just lucky, but then when I look to the day before, I realize that today´s outcomes are only the result of yesterday´s effort. You see, like almost all other past years I made a list of resolutions.Continue reading “What’s not to love in this year!”

What you should know before 2013 ends…

So here I am, approaching 2014, and believe it or not, I´ve never been more excited to start a new year. Usually, I would feel a little bit sad for the year almost gone, and I would wonder why it has gone so fast and if I took good advantage of that year, but nowContinue reading “What you should know before 2013 ends…”


Image source: http://www.stevewiens.com So this last month has been chaotic for me… Yep, I know, I haven’t written anything here in this period of time… What was I doing? Well just creating an online virtual store, working full time as tech writer, preparing a bachelorette party, translating some documents and the list could go forContinue reading “BUSY LIVES ARE THE BEST!!!”

From Nomadic Matt blog: How to Deal with Unsupportive Friends and Family

From Nomadic Matt blog: How to Deal with Unsupportive Friends and Family This time I would like to post this “post” from Nomadic Matt blog, one of the coolest guys I´ve ever read on the online travel community. This post “got me” so bad because I know that most of the people who want toContinue reading “From Nomadic Matt blog: How to Deal with Unsupportive Friends and Family”